Do you wear THE red jackets?!

Of course! …You can’t be a Jersey Boys tribute, let alone the UK’s PREMIER Jersey Boys tribute, without the red jackets!!!

How long is your show?

Our show is produced to be tailored to your event… from anywhere between 1 song up to the full 90 minute show, we will produce the show to your requirements AND we will ALWAYS rehearse and run your particular show from start to finish in our professional studios several days prior to the event.

Why are we registered as a Limited Company?

The Limited company status is reflective of credibility – we pride ourselves on being credible as a professional, reputable, reliable service provider. Trading as a limited company gives both suppliers and customers a sense of confidence in the way we manage Jersey Guys as a business and the standard of the show we produce. We are fully transparent and professional in everything we do. No back-hand cash deals on the night; no shoddy lines of communication prior to your event; no shortcuts in our production. 100% professional… 100% reliable… 100% trustworthy… The Jersey Boys experts!

What is the booking process?

When you make an enquiry, we will check your specific details and get back to you with our availability and a provisional costing of bringing the show to your event. If you are happy with the provisional quote, we will issue you with a formal quote and booking confirmation, followed by an invoice for your event and a booking agreement for you to sign, upong which time a deposit will be due. Receipt of both the booking agreement and deposit will secure our services for your event. Throughout the booking process we aim to be as thorough and transparent as possible so you are confident that every step of the way, everything is being taken care of right the way through to the delivery of the show and beyond.

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How much does it cost to hire the show at my venue or event?

The cost of the show will depend on several things… 

a) The number of performers (which depends on the package you chose)

b) The time and date of the performance. (NB we offer a 5% discount on bookings made atleast 12 months prior to the event date)

c) The location of the venue relative to our offices in Reading & High Wycombe.

d) Your sound and lighting requirements.

Why do you have more than just four performers in the cast?

This is one way we stand out from the many other tributes in the market… 

1. Firstly, we offer more than just the four Jersey Guys – we also have our Jersey Gals – The Earth Angels – who can be booked to perform with the guys or separately as a group in their own right.

2. Secondly, all our performers are working professionals with at least 3 years training and/or experience in the performing arts industry (click here to check out their biographies). Subsequently, each of our performers are immersing themselves fully in the industry, working as professional artists to diversify and expand their respective talents. This is something we encourage as it means that they are all growing in quality and increasing their experience within the industry making them much better performers as a result. They are not therefore available to us every day of the year and sometimes get offered contracts elsewhere, so we have a cast of performers who are specially trained by us and ready to perform and rotate regularly, depending on availability.

3. Third, performers are human just like everyone else… and just like everyone else we battle colds, flu viruses, stomach bugs, the lot! The last thing we want to do is cancel an event though illness, so we have stand-ins for every role. If one of our performers cannot make an engagement through illness for example, we are far less likely to have to cancel a show and our booking with you.