Ross M Parrett

Profile_Shot_-_Ross_B_W_CropRoss has been acting professionally his entire life. At the age of seven, he made his West End debut, taking on the lead role in the hugely popular West End production of Care Bears! Now, twenty years later, he is able to combine his natural talent for performance with his love of both music and acting in his role as the divisive but loveable rogue Tommy Devito in Jersey Guy’s hit stage show – ‘The Night!’.

Ross is now in his 4th year performing as a Jersey Guy and is our longest serving member. As one of the founders of the group, Ross has performed at every private and public event the Jersey Guys have played and with his stage presence, unique charm and abundance of charisma, has proven to be quite the fans favourite! Four years on and he still loves performing with the group…

“Working on this show is a dream come true for me… I get to travel the country with some truly talented professionals, singing, dancing and character acting. As the guy who first brought together the Jersey Guys, I can really relate to the character of Tommy Devito. Tommy was someone who didn’t always walk on the right side of the fence, but had a vision, the patience and the talent to bring together one of the finest bands the world has ever seen. I really hope I bring his character back to life for our audiences”.

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